Cloud Creep: Is Your Business in Control?

Cloud ComputingImagine a business development manager is on a Skype call with a potential customer and they feel like they’re ready to close if they can just show the contract terms then and there. Instead of sending a hard copy by courier, they send it through Skype’s chat facility.

They’ve just sent very secret information about your business to some server heaven-knows-where, where it will sit for heaven-knows how long, run by a service whose security policies you know nothing about and have no say in. The service may even be run by one of your competitors.

The potential for data leaks like the above happens every day when organisations don’t have the knowhow or the policies for employees using the cloud. You need what’s called a cloud posture, and if it’s ‘we don’t use cloud services’, it might be even more important to take a close look at your organisation. According to at least one expert, you do use cloud services – you just don’t know it.

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