Cloud Computing’s Second Movement

Cloud ComputingCloud computing has come of age, and we’re entering a new period of activity; one that isn’t necessarily public. Drew Turney deconstructs the movement’s new groove.

The first years of the cloud movement saw companies both big and small dipping their toes into the water and seeing what they could do, often with non-critical applications like marketing and CRM.

We’re not only seeing more critical data and processes being handled in clouds now, but also more movement than ever between private, public, and on-premises cloud architectures. It seems as though the hype is behind us, and now we’re really figuring out what the cloud can do.

Welcome to cloud computing’s second wave.

Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis for IT industry trade association CompTIA, said many users are now in the thick of second migrations.

“[After] hands-on experience gained through initial forays into the cloud, businesses are able to compare the theoretical to the practical, and make decisions on how best to optimise their IT infrastructure,” Robinson said.

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