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Great Monster Mash

“In a way everything I’ve done is an homage to Michael Crichton,” he says. “Dinosaurs were real and Crichton was brilliant recreating them with DNA. What I’ve done is taken a mythological creature and had even more fun with it. I knew there’d be comparisons but I’m confident my story is completely different.” … Continue readingGreat Monster Mash

Survival of the Nicest

some writers have recently begun to wonder if Dawkins’ appraisal of evolution is too simplistic. Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Calcida Jetha in 2010 claimed the human pair bond instinct is a construct of agriculture and private property, suggesting that our ancestors lived in a time of resource and sexual plenty … Continue readingSurvival of the Nicest


Mona is one of the best ideas to come out of fiction in quite awhile, and Swedish author Dan Sehlberg shows a much more nuanced knowledge of computers and cyberwarfare than a run-of-the-mill thriller author just throwing a cool buzzword around. … Continue readingMona

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