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A teenage boy named Rene sits with his identical twin brother Theo in hospital, the latter in a coma he likely won’t awaken from. Rene is taken away and interviewed by psychologist Maggie to determine his emotional suitability for a procedure that’s hinted at but not explained until the big reveal. … Continue readingLullaby


Vitamania is a level headed but urgent look at the marketing, industry, science and disinformation surrounding one of the most common and least understood words in nutrition. … Continue readingVitamania

Great Monster Mash

“In a way everything I’ve done is an homage to Michael Crichton,” he says. “Dinosaurs were real and Crichton was brilliant recreating them with DNA. What I’ve done is taken a mythological creature and had even more fun with it. I knew there’d be comparisons but I’m confident my story is completely different.” … Continue readingGreat Monster Mash

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