Bring The Clouds Together With the Hybrid Approach

Cloud ComputingWe’ve all heard the terms ‘public’, ‘private’, ‘co-location’, and more in relation to cloud computing, but what’s the most popular configuration for organisations today? All of them. By Drew Turney.

Many organizations are trying to find the right mix between public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. This ebook offers a look at the strategies that are working.

A recent survey predicts that growing proportions of IT budget will migrate from on-premise capabilities to off-premise services like hosted IT and public cloud. While this seems like an inevitable progression, it will be gradual, and hybrid cloud is the enabling bridge between the two service deployment models.

Many enterprises have massive capital investments in their on-premise technology, and often will have budgeted for two or three years of depreciation costs that will beef up their profits. So despite the allure of public cloud, enterpises will sweat their IT assets until depreciation is no longer a P&L benefit.

Step forward hybrid cloud. With the opportunity to get higher utilisation from on-premise tech assets, and the flexibility to exploit cost and agility benefits from public cloud, hybrid will become a well-trodden path toward the next level of enterprise tech services.

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