Beyond Cards and Cash: The New World of Customer Payments

EftposNew embeddable technologies and connectivity has enabled everything from contactless payments to using PayPal to buy a T-shirt or coffee. But without buying and deploying a new system for each one, how do you stay on top of them all?

The idea that the customer is always right is an old adage, but it’s never been truer than when it comes to new payment methods.

Our compatible smartphones and tablets are the endpoints for a rich new universe of payment choices for customers. An e-commmerce can be an all-digital sales platform that you can use both in-store and online to handle transactions and help keep records across every sales channel.

Many new systems rely on near-field communications (NFC), a communications protocol that lets compatible electronic devices in close proximity exchange information. Instead of having a magnetic stripe or chip, newer-style debit or credit cards can be held a few centimetres from the payment device, rather than being swiped.

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