Be My Guest: How Guest Wi-Fi Services Benefit Small Businesses As Well As Customers

WirelessWhile ordering a coffee or taking a break from shopping, many customers will take advantage of free Wi-Fi. There are ways small businesses can also benefit by providing this almost ubiquitous service in the right way.

Free guest Wi-Fi is often treated like just another courtesy for customers, along with free coffee refills or complimentary mints by the register. However, as Wi-Fi marketing and monetisation expert Steven Lim writes, “retailers need to focus on Wi-Fi as an overall business strategy to not only improve brand loyalty and enhance the customer experience, but most importantly to chart a course … based on the data and intelligence”.

Beyond convenience for customers, the benefits of free guest Wi-Fi can potentially far outweigh the costs – and could even help a business to identify new opportunities to tap into a whole new revenue stream.

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