Australian Clouds Compared

Cloud ComputingCloud has matured in Australia. We take a look at some of the providers available, putting them head to head.

In ZDNet Australia’s second take on local cloud-computing services, we take a fresh look at Australia’s cloud services to see whether they stack up against big overseas operators.

The cloud has certainly come of age over the last 12 months, with many large technology vendors announcing and launching a major service. From the consumer (Apple’s iCloud) to the enterprise (HP’s recent cloud announcements, which concentrated on infrastructure, hardware, and services), the cloud is now firmly mainstream.

The other big change coming in the Australian cloud industry is, of course, the National Broadband Network (NBN), which will provide the low latency of a fixed, high-speed network that will likely help Australian providers compete with their US counterparts.

In looking over the opportunities, challenges, threats, and companies that are changing the cloud-service landscape, we realised that it was time to update our previous story comparing Australian cloud services.

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