A Therapeutic Journey

A Therapeutic JourneyDe Botton’s experience with his educational venture The School of Life is far-reaching in the topics that really matter but which we seldom talk about in polite society to do with self-regard, relationships and our fears and hopes.

His contention is that we’re all quite damaged and adversely affected from our formative years (no matter what good intentions our parents and caregivers had), and that those experiences are informing on how we behave and what we unconsciously think and do to this day.

And where so much of the discourse in our society is about being tough, in control, a winner and a success, few of us feel like that – even if we are.

Using the principles of psychotherapy and a general call to be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves and others, he talks about how we’re not coping, but how we deserve to cope and might go about it.

That’s the underlying premise of the book, but the other quite magical part is in the execution. De Botton writes like a poet, the actual prose feeling like a gentle caress, so lyrical and full of peaceful and caring imagery and metaphor it feels like he’s hugging you and telling you you’re going to be okay.

If it doesn’t move you close to tears and make you feel really listened to at least a couple of times, you either have a perfect life or you’re a robot.